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There are many opportunities to perform at NESD......

During the holiday season, NESD students perform in an annual production.  Past performances have included The Nutcraker and various Holiday Galas.  Every NESD student has the opportunity to fine tune their performance skills in this delightful holiday tradition.  This performance opportunity is a delight to the community and family memebers alike, bringing extra joy and activity to this magical time of year.

In June the annual spring performance at NESD is always a special treat for both students and audience members.  Each year this special show is based on a classical children's story like: Cinderella, Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Aladdin and more!   The students are thrilled to participate in bringing a familiar story to life with themselves as one of the characters. The audience is delighted as they embrace the drama, fabulous costumes and special effects.

The NESD Performing Company competes in three regional competitions every year and one national competition. Students who join the competition team benefit from the unique experience and constructive feedback from professionals in the community. The dances choreographed, rehearsed and performed are full of creativity and solid technique.  At the scheduled competitions the dancers shine showing their best skills and personality. The members of the NESD Performing Company form strong friendships amidst the common interest of dance.  They exercise the qualities of teamwork, discipline and focus as they compete together.