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Dress Code

Dancewear for Young Children ages 3-6

soft pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers (no gymnastic type slippers)  tan tap shoes, hair in bun or ponytail, no jewelry

Dancewear for ages 7 and up Ballet

Black tank/camisole leotard, capezio pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair secured in bun.

Jazz, Tap and Modern

Black dancewear, Black footwear, hair in ponytail, no jewelry.


It is highly recommended that students age 7 and up attend more than one day a week to ensure maximum progress.

Attending all classes is very important. If a student misses due to illness he or she may take an equivalent class or  a class one level below at another time. If a class is perparing for an upcoming performance it is difficult to attend another class due to the choreography.  It is essential that students attend all classes and rehearsals at this time of year as the absence of one student affects not only themselves but the whole class. Please call 935-7326 if you are unable to attend.

Classes are non refundable & non transferable to other students, services or retail items.

Students participating in the R.A.D. examination should take a minimum of two ballet classes per week. Participation in the actual exam will be at the teachers' discretion.

NESD classes run year round.  (Separate summer schedule that runs 4-6 weeks.) 

The September to June Tuition is based on a 36 week program. The summer session includes week long summer camps, mandatory competition team camps and two classes a week for ages 7 and up who are preparing to take the RAD exam.


If Goffstown, Manchester or Bedford schools are closed, due to stormy weather, please check our phone message at 603-935-7326. If the weather becomes increasingly bad and you are wondering if we are open please log onto this website or check our phone message.